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Richard Savin
Richard Savin

Netsupport Manager 12 Full !LINK! 135

Once we configure a SQL listener in a SQL Server Always On Availability Group, it also becomes a cluster resource. You can open the failover cluster manager and view Roles. In the Roles, you can see a virtual network name (listener name) along with virtual IP.

netsupport manager 12 full 135


6dba010 build/prereq: require make 4.1 or later (+3,-3)a015d91 build: IS_TTY is now set according to GNU Make's MAKE_TERMOUT (+1,-1)5ed1e51 build: build kernel image before building modules/packages (+3,-3)299b855 build: make zstd initramfs selectable (+5,-1)5ea3383 build: fix build with CONFIG_STRIP_KERNEL_EXPORTS (+3,-3)0db9d11 build: fix ABI version for PROVIDES symbols (+1,-1)c067b1e mediatek: move out-of-tree DTS files to dedicated dts folder (+161,-736)e3b8849 mediatek: more clean solution for out-of-tree DTS (+87,-89)8d8125a remove legacy packages feed from 'make distclean' (+1,-1)d3140d0 build/json: generate json file for initramfs (+34,-1)f04e007 download: remove broken mirrors (-2)1235ea7 image: add ModelNameLimit16 (+4)90b1524 fix gettext fixup (+1,-1)e6aac8d image: add support for building FIT image with filesystem (+546,-44)330bd38 image: allow building FIT and uImage with ramdisk (+100,-6)512229c build: avoid generating JSON info on missing image (+2,-2)f074541 image: remove bogus mkimage command (-16)dc68af4 image: improve Kconfig for seperate ramdisk option (+2,-1)ef2cb85 treewide: rename IMAGE_PREFIX/IMAGE_NAME to DEVICE_IMG_* (+37,-37)01c01d9 download: use mirror redirector for GNOME downloads (+1)9a9cf40 download: add mirror alias for Debian (+10,-6)dc5328e include: use cpio from staging dir (+3,-3)f439e29 build: use generated by autoconf-lean, drop hardcoded sitefiles (+1,-535)ebcb4f1 treewide: fix spelling 'seperate' -> 'separate' (+22,-22)b2adc7f build: prevent dupes in (+6,-5)ded54ae mediatek: mt7622: bpi-r64: simplify eMMC install procedure (+18,-11)bb98ddc mediatek: mt7622: make sure image generation can run in parallel (+7,-12)1b62092 Revert "build: use generated by autoconf-lean, drop hardcoded sit... (+535,-1)785ab2b build: use numeric uid/gid on cpio calls (+2,-2)ac7034c build: make GCC version 6+ minimal host build requirement (+8,-8)cae69d5 build: fix checks for GCC11 (+4,-4)1f5e722 Revert "build: replace which with Bash command built-in" (+4,-4)13069b1 build: add which command to build requirements (+4,-1)5ec60cb scripts: replace @ with - in nodes (+8,-8)9f71439 build: use config-1 instead of config@1 as default (+2,-2)fc5b101 include: store ABIVersion in Packages index (+1)72f481b scripts,ipkg-build: apply shellcheck (+40,-41)bb95be9 scripts,ipkg-build: use realpath for pkg_dir (+1,-1)7379f8b build: prereq: drop support for Python 3.5 (+5,-7)4e6de4f scripts/ add support for adding DT overlay blobs to image (+56,-2)6890f6f include/image*: add support for device-tree overlays (+13,-4)9ac47ee build: use -nostdinc and -isystem in NOSTDINC_FLAGS for out-of-tree kernel mo... (+11,-4)eccb456 x86/64: Iptables seems to lack support for cgroup v2 (+1)7f4c2b1 build,json: fix duplicates in default_packages (+2,-1)ca2ef4a build: artifacts: add dependency for built images (+4,-2)8f89b1a image: add 'append-image' build command (+4)b6c366e image: fix append-image when building multiple profiles (+2,-2)1bf2b3f build,json: fixup missing arch_packages (+15,-4)af22991 build: make sure asm gets built with -DPIC (+3,-3)8c84964 build: add GNU install to prerequisites (+4)b36068d build,json: fixup fixup of arch_packages (+2)7880a64 build,json: 3rd fixup of default_packages (+5,-18)de4b29d image: introduce 'append-image-stage' build command (+12)c7a5a09 image: use portable filename in 'append-image-stage' (+2,-2)d7956c5 netfilter: remove no-op kconfig symbols (-10)f68c947 Extend checks on build prerequisites for building OpenWRT core (+12,-1)5a96081 build: kernel2minor: work around path length limit (+5,-2)b993b68 build: introduce $(MKHASH) (+40,-39)cc76e34 kernel-defaults: fix external kernel build when user_headers is missing (+3,-1)81d0ddc prereq-build: g++ formatting and consistency fixes (+2,-2)54070a1 build: fix regression for kernels ec4852f scripts: config.guess: update to 2021-05-24 (+788,-498)29c94fe build/json: fix DEVICE_PACKAGES (+1,-1)1aa80ce scripts/feeds: generate index after all feeds are updated (+31,-44)bb749e4 build: fix build for devices without initramfs (+1,-1)a85aaa1 u-boot: support verbose build (+2,-1)97258f5 build: add ninja build tool and make it available for cmake (+2.4K,-1)0c7c24d build: use ninja for cmake packages by default (+2)18430a3 build: do not override DESTDIR for cmake ninja host builds (+2,-2)9bf654a prereq-build: diff requirement to GNU (+3,-3)f6a03bf build: prepend ABI suffixes with a dash if package name ends with digit (+8,-2)fbb9b1f build: ensure that dash isn't prepended twice to abi version suffix (+1,-1)a463b96 build: preserve profiles.json between builds (+23,-9)04589cb build: Config-images: fix unit of partition sizes (+2,-2)5876d6a grub2: make grub2-bios-setup as a separate package (+25,-8)fd0d990 build,json: fix generation with empty profiles (+1,-1)181054b build: create profiles.json per default (+1,-1)64ce35b scripts: check if dl directory exist in dl_cleanup script (+5)7270d76 scripts/ Fix the hash algorithm paramter (+2,-2)4baf47b images: squashfs: xattrs should not depend on buld host (+1)84c9570 scripts/ order features alphabetically (+23,-23)8347d8b base-files: add generic sdcard upgrade method (+104)eaa9c94 generic: Kconfig: exit on unset symbol (+23)98bccda base-files: rename 'sdcard' to 'legacy-sdcard' (+20,-20)c5616a8 image: fix build with SELinux (+1,-1)60af8d7 prereq-build: require python3-distutils (+4)57807f5 base-files: add option to make /var persistent (+13)d27f6e2 build: Replace KERNEL_LOCKUP_DETECTOR with KERNEL_SOFTLOCKUP_DETECTOR (+4,-16)5ef4608 build: store artifacts in JSON (+52,-17)c4dfdde tools: add meson (+213,-1)62ed1af build: remove GCC7 support (+1,-1.3K)4eb4c3c scripts: add missing regex for dl_cleanup script (+8)ff87587 scripts: format dl_cleanup to black format python style (+230,-199)93f488f scripts: handle gcc and linux in dl_cleanup script (+2,-2)fd67908 scripts: Allow legacy @ mode for dts creation (+19,-13)108901f scripts: store maintainer in package metadata (+1)3128dfc scripts: package-metadata add pkgmanifestjson call (+36)e1c03ca prereq-build: recognize Python 3.10 (+2)fca5ad5 prereq-build: fix `which` detection on Fedora (+1,-1)16e83a7 prereq-build: revert "fix `which` detection on Fedora" (+1,-1)0d1ebf0 build: fix `which` detection on Fedora & MacOS (+3,-1)c2222f7 tools/meson: update to 0.59.2 (+7,-5)44f694b build: select procd-ujail if !SMALL_FLASH (+5)a7f794c build: select procd-seccomp if kernel support is present (+5)56ea2bf build: prereq detect Python 3.10 for `python3` binary (+2,-2)7c0fb87 tools/meson: fix usage with SDK (+2,-2)b45ff2d scripts/ do not strip .o files with STRIP_KMOD (+1)b118efa buildsystem: add CONFIG_SECCOMP (+14,-3)1c07eab include/ fix host builds with CMAKE_BINARY_SUBDIR (+6,-4)7630001 ethtool: update to v5.14 (+4,-4)abc7a97 Revert "ethtool: update to v5.14" (+4,-4)cb11eaf image: define DEVICE_DTS_DELIMITER as per-device variable (+3,-2)f262d2a fix pkg-config usage (+3,-8)09465d8 always link host libraries static (+1,-42)6b2ed61 uclibc++: remove (+2,-428)b2aca61 base-files, metadata: support additional group membership (+27,-4)88a2ea4 scripts: remove unused import (-1)3bd31cc tools/meson: update to 0.60.0 (+6,-2)1b81497 build: move elecom-wrc-gs-factory to (+13,-13)08622de scripts: fix various typos (+14,-14)323bd7b build: fix various typos (+2,-2)2d5b831 build: add HOST_OS_LINUX and HOST_OS_MACOS config symbols (+9)a537d06 bpf-headers: add a package with kernel headers for ebpf (+178)6738820 build: fix bpf toolchain dependency for qosify (+17,-2)8cf4d4d download: improve handling of invalid local files (+17,-4)6b8b5e7 build: kernel: avoid unnecessary package rebuilds (+4)19aae94 build: avoid rebuilds of unset VARIANT packages (+10,-6)ce6088b include/ fix typo (+1,-1)cfb022c include/ fix compile for big-endian targets (+3,-2)6a5b422 build: fix ldconfig executable error in python (+1,-2)bdc2194 config: Activate SECCOMP also on MIPS 64 (+1,-1)94b0849 build: add SUBDIR_MAKE_DEBUG variable to make it easier to debug package make... (+1,-1)9faa22f build: fix host package unpack if git-src is used (+3,-2)a6a9f9b include/ add support for overriding the host install prefix (+2,-1)a7c0d7c llvm-bpf: move to staging_dir/host/llvm-bpf (+8,-2)9f90a89 build: add support for using prebuilt LLVM toolchain (+21,-3)ec68c75 kernel: add missing KASAN config symbols (+8)c5fa7ec kernel: add missing UBSAN config symbols (+26)cbeab2c kernel: add another missing KASAN symbol (+16)0ccbcb0 kernel: add missing keyword to KERNEL_KASAN_VMALLOC (+1)786cbf0 kernel: fix KERNEL_KASAN_VMALLOC build option (+1,-1)694aed6 include/ check minimum required clang version (+10)959a030 include/ fix typo in clang version check (+1,-1)b5ab6d0 scripts/env: fix env for git conf init.defaultBranch not set to "master" (+1,-1)91a5d69 build: allow package to be built for all variants (+3,-3)38106a4 kernel: add missing symbol (+13)db34b93 toolchain: add a version that can be bumped to force toolchain/target rebuild (+24,-4)98ef23d include/ preserve the bpf .o file with debug symbols (+1)8f355be bpf-headers: switch to mips64 for 64 bit targets (+8,-2)43b498f kernel: remove non-existent config symbols (-7)e6f5694 gettext: remove package (+3,-1.4K)340c2ed tools/llvm-bpf: move tarball packing to target/llvm-bpf (+39,-16)da3261e build: image: add UBIFS kernel packer (+9)5a305e4 scripts: ubinize-image: make rootfs optional (+23,-20)6db4a03 build: image: explicitly pass --rootfs to append-ubi (+1,-1)1fbc9c5 build: image: add command to ubinize the kernel image (+12)0a4f5d0 image: fix CONFIG_EXTERNAL_CPIO handling (+1,-1)57c1f3f base-files: add eMMC sysupgrade support (+76)75093d1 tools/meson: update to 0.60.1 (+4,-4)fd4ad6c x86: added support to generate VHDX images (+14,-2)446da70 build: image: improve zip build recipe (+5,-3)c46202f bpf: add -mcpu=v3 to support 32-bit alu ops (+1,-1)527d813 build: add e5500 CPU_TYPE (+1)02de391 scripts: dump-target-info print kernel versions (+23,-3)033b6ce kernel: enhance multicast routing support (+22,-2)0765466 kernel: split kernel version to dedicated files (+9,-4)144609b build: move Build/copy-file to (+4,-8)53252c4 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.171 (+9,-9)a28afb9 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.172 (+3,-3)7229981 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.91 (+11,-11)61e58f7 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.92 (+185,-415)87d489f build: add HOST_CXXFLAGS for host build (+2)88204bf treewide: drop use of which (+20,-11)08d9f6e build: switch to firewall4 by default (+3,-4)3a69b4b omap: make use of 'rootfs-part' feature (+2,-2)d05ac92 sunxi: make use of 'rootfs-part' feature (+2,-2)8a324fb uml: make use of 'rootfs-part' feature (+2,-2)f8bc8fa build: change PYTHON to python3 (+1,-1)1404b3c build: increase scan depth for finding targets (+1,-1)0bdf8d1 scripts/feeds: fix installing targets without explicitly specifying the feed (+2)ebc36eb scripts/feeds: install targets to target/linux/feeds and support overriding (+26,-8)3869ccb tools: build bash on macOS and use it for ipkg-build (+25,-1)01e58f8 add conntrack support to nft bridge (+1)7672593 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.173 (+2,-2)30cff7c kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.174 (+35,-77)957f9ad kirkwood: add support for ipTIME NAS1 (+270)f4a7914 ramips: add support for ipTIME AX2004M (+197)cd6a6e3 Revert "ramips: add support for ipTIME AX2004M" (-197)aa8299e kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.175 (+2,-2)45d541b kernel: add kmod-vrf (+27)f223254 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.93 (+2,-2)1343acc kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.94 (+382,-461)b9736cb kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.95 (+6,-6)ff97fb9 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.96 (+20,-20)1ebb8e3 netfilter: add kmod-nft-compat (+13)4c42e2d include/meson: fix host build directory (+1,-1)37753f3 ramips: add support for ipTIME AX2004M (+197)e9c1c83 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.98 (+68,-92)5e43dd1 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.99 (+7,-58)c391dcd kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.100 (+11,-11)2120cad build: store source_date_epoch as integer (+1,-1)7fae1e5 feeds: use git-src-full to allow Git versioning (+9,-9)ce7264a config: build: cleanup whitespace issue (+1,-1)009293c build: scripts/config - update to kconfig-v5.14 (+3.2K,-3.9K)418dc04 build: fix missing kconfig dependency tracking (+1,-1)c0849c1 scripts/ ensure config/conf is built (+1)d6119e2 Revert "scripts/ ensure config/conf is built" (-1)65c28d7 scripts/ ensure config/conf is built (+1)4f443c8 netfilter: separate packages for kmod-ipt-socket and kmod-ipt-tproxy (+45,-7)0225df1 netfilter: add kmod-nft-socket (+13)43276b6 netfilter: add kmod-nft-tproxy (+13)9116096 fix shellcheck warnings (+1,-1)57f7a86 workaround stray rebuilds (+7,-2)aee3594 print ERROR messages in non-verbose (+4,-5)a947849 Use ERROR_MESSAGE for imagesize fails (+1,-1)d6aa9d9 add LOCALVERSION (explicitly specify OpenWrt build) (+1)a2d4b57 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.101 (+89,-188)0989b7a kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.102 (+52,-92)1324403 mkhash: fix build errors on FreeBSD 13.0 (+1,-1)05ed7dc kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.103 (+525,-1.5K)e42764c build: image: use UTC for zip timestamp (+1,-2)39d0647 tools: zip: fetch SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH directly (+41,-146)6b82218 toolchain: binutils: add support for version 2.38 (+92,-1)3f5b2d2 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.104 (+14,-14)9586a27 fix typo in the Host section (+1,-1)048f0b1 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.105 (+22,-19)b04d38a kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.106 (+49,-59)1eb5d50 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.107 (+5,-12)43e6d97 OpenWrt v22.03: set branch defaults (+7,-11)a036c1d build: switch VERSION_REPO again to HTTPS (+1,-1)786bf7f kernel: delete Linux 5.4 config and patches (-477.7K)077e806 kernel: set options to make external initramfs reproducible (+4,-3)2c2cc4b scripts/ replace forgotten '-' with $REFERENCE_CHAR (+1,-1)1e35d95 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.108 (+17,-17)1b59515 build: autotools: fix cache path (+1,-1)ec2bc81 scripts: make sure conffiles are sorted (+2,-1)82e1f04 image: let mksquashfs4 use all processors (+1,-2)ca83af2 kernel: fix initramfs reproducibility (+1,-1)a5cf20d build: store sha256_unsigned in JSON (+16,-7)bb83000 kernel: set SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH for initramfs root dir (+1,-1)0877953 scripts: make sure sort-order is independent from locale (+1,-1)3826e21


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