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Download PICO PARK .zip

There are charge controllers newer than the Max1873 with more features but I have prior experience with this chip and found it easy to get working. Besides charging lithium batteries, the Max1873 can also charge NiCd or NiMH batteries. I used the "typical application" schematic from the data sheet and the evaluation board schematic to design this board. The Autodesk Eagle schematic and layout files can be downloaded below. OSH Park accepts Eagle layout files directly but you will need the zipped Gerber layout file "" (from my repo) for fabrication at JLCPCB. If you don't want to build this charger board from scratch, you can buy the Max1873 evaluation kit and add an SB540 or similar Schottky Diode from the BATT+ (anode) to the SYSTEM LOAD (cathode). Follow the schematic above to wire an 8 pin DIP socket to the kit so the ATtiny85 can shut down the charger as described in the next step. If you don't want to use an ATtiny, the Pi can monitor the battery charging parameters over the SMBus and disable charging by driving the enable signal with a GPIO pin.

Download PICO PARK .zip

The Eagle schematic and layout files are given below. The Eagle layout file can be sent to OSH Park for fabrication. To fabricate at JLCPCB, use the zipped Gerber file "" from my repo. The parts list with links to Digikey can be downloaded below. For more information about this board, visit my Hackaday.IO project.

Hi!Thanks a ton for this amazing tool! Saves a lot of money for so many people over the globe!!Two questions:Is it safe to download any Microsoft Office updates after using KMSpico? I have Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013. 076b4e4f54


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