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Fairytale Song: A Tribute to Alexander Rybak's Musical Genius

What is a fairytale song and why is it popular?

A fairytale song is a type of song that tells a story involving fantasy elements and a happy ending. It is often inspired by folk traditions and cultural myths, and appeals to the emotions and imagination of the listeners. Fairytale songs are popular because they offer escapism, entertainment, and inspiration for people of all ages and backgrounds.

fairytale song

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Definition and characteristics of a fairytale song

A fairytale song can be defined as a song that has the following characteristics:

A song that tells a story involving fantasy elements and a happy ending

  • A fairytale song usually follows a narrative structure that consists of an introduction, a conflict, a resolution, and a conclusion. The story often features characters such as heroes, villains, princesses, dragons, witches, fairies, etc. The story also involves magical or supernatural events such as spells, curses, transformations, quests, etc. The story usually ends with a happy or positive outcome for the main characters, such as love, victory, reward, etc.

A song that is inspired by folk traditions and cultural myths

  • A fairytale song often draws inspiration from the folklore and mythology of different cultures and regions. The song may incorporate elements such as legends, proverbs, symbols, motifs, themes, etc. from these sources. The song may also reflect the values, beliefs, customs, history, etc. of the culture or region that it represents.

A song that appeals to the emotions and imagination of the listeners

  • A fairytale song aims to create an emotional connection with the listeners by using expressive language, imagery, metaphors, similes, etc. The song also stimulates the imagination of the listeners by inviting them to enter a fantastical world where anything is possible. The song may also convey a moral or a message that resonates with the listeners.

Examples and history of fairytale songs

Fairytale songs have been around for centuries in various forms and genres. Here are some examples and history of fairytale songs:

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The origin and evolution of fairytale songs in different genres and regions

Fairytale songs can be traced back to the oral tradition of storytelling that existed in many ancient civilizations. These stories were often accompanied by music or singing to enhance their appeal and memorability. Some examples of these stories are the Greek myths, the Arabian Nights, the Celtic tales, etc.

As writing became more widespread, some of these stories were recorded in books or manuscripts. Some examples of these books are the fairy tales by Charles Perrault , the Brothers Grimm , Hans Christian Andersen , etc. These books influenced many composers and musicians who adapted them into songs or musical works. Some examples of these works are Tchaikovsky's ballets based on Sleeping Beauty , Swan Lake , etc., Prokofiev's opera based on Cinderella , etc.

  • In the modern era, fairytale songs have become more diverse and popular in various genres such as pop , rock , country , folk , etc. Some examples of these songs are Taylor Swift's Love Story , Ed Sheeran's Galway Girl , The Lumineers' Ho Hey , etc.

The most famous and influential fairytale songs in the world

Some fairytale songs have become very famous and influential in the world of music and beyond. They have been covered, remixed, sampled, parodied, etc. by many artists and media. They have also been recognized by awards, charts, critics, fans, etc. Some examples of these songs are:


Over the RainbowJudy Garland1939PopA song from the movie The Wizard of Oz that expresses the longing for a magical world beyond the rainbow.

Beauty and the BeastCeline Dion and Peabo Bryson1991PopA song from the movie Beauty and the Beast that describes the love between a beautiful woman and a cursed beast.

FrozenMadonna1998PopA song that uses metaphors of ice and snow to depict a cold and distant lover.

A Whole New WorldPeabo Bryson and Regina Belle1992PopA song from the movie Aladdin that celebrates the adventure and romance of flying on a magic carpet.

Fairytale of New YorkThe Pogues and Kirsty MacColl1987Folk rockA song that tells the story of a couple who dream of a better life in New York but end up in misery and conflict.

HallelujahLeonard Cohen1984Folk rockA song that references biblical stories and characters to explore the themes of love, faith, and loss.

Stairway to HeavenLed Zeppelin1971RockA song that describes a mystical journey to a heavenly place where music and happiness reign.

The impact and legacy of fairytale songs on music and society

  • Fairytale songs have had a significant impact and legacy on music and society. They have inspired and influenced many other artists and genres to create their own fairytale songs or to incorporate elements of fantasy and storytelling in their music. They have also contributed to the cultural and artistic diversity and richness of the world. They have also touched and moved millions of people with their messages of hope, love, courage, etc.

Benefits and challenges of writing a fairytale song

Writing a fairytale song can be a rewarding and challenging experience for any songwriter. Here are some benefits and challenges of writing a fairytale song:

How to write a fairytale song that is original, creative, and engaging

One of the benefits of writing a fairytale song is that it allows the songwriter to express their originality, creativity, and engagement. The songwriter can create their own characters, settings, plots, etc. or use existing ones in new and innovative ways. The songwriter can also experiment with different styles, tones, moods, etc. to suit their vision and purpose.

  • However, one of the challenges of writing a fairytale song is that it can be difficult to avoid being too predictable, clichéd, or boring. The songwriter has to balance the familiarity and novelty of their song, and make sure that it is not too similar to other fairytale songs or stories. The songwriter also has to keep the listeners interested and invested in their song, and not lose them along the way.

How to use musical elements and techniques to enhance the storytelling

Another benefit of writing a fairytale song is that it allows the songwriter to use musical elements and techniques to enhance the storytelling. The songwriter can use elements such as melody, harmony, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, etc. to create contrast, tension, climax, etc. in their song. The songwriter can also use techniques such as repetition, variation, modulation, etc. to create coherence, continuity, development, etc. in their song.

  • However, another challenge of writing a fairytale song is that it can be difficult to match the musical elements and techniques with the story elements and techniques. The songwriter has to make sure that the music supports and complements the story, and not distracts or contradicts it. The songwriter also has to make sure that the music is appropriate and effective for the genre, audience, context, etc. of their song.

How to avoid clichés, stereotypes, and plagiarism when writing a fairytale song

A final benefit of writing a fairytale song is that it allows the songwriter to avoid clichés, stereotypes, and plagiarism when writing a fairytale song. The songwriter can use their own voice, perspective, and experience to write a fairytale song that is unique, authentic, and original. The songwriter can also challenge or subvert the expectations and conventions of fairytale songs or stories by adding twists, surprises, humor, etc.

However, a final challenge of writing a fairytale song is that it can be difficult to avoid unintentionally or accidentally using clichés, stereotypes


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