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NextLimit RealFlow C4D Mac R17-R20

NextLimit RealFlow C4D Mac R17-R20: A Powerful Plugin for Fluid Simulation

NextLimit RealFlow C4D Mac R17-R20 is a plugin that brings the power and flexibility of RealFlow, the industry-standard software for fluid simulation, to Cinema 4D, the popular 3D modeling and animation software. With this plugin, you can create realistic and stunning fluid simulations in Cinema 4D without leaving the application or switching to a different environment.

RealFlow C4D Mac R17-R20 is compatible with Cinema 4D versions R17 to R20 on Mac OS X systems. It allows you to use the native Cinema 4D tools and workflow to create and edit fluid simulations, such as splines, particles, meshes, materials, lights, cameras, and renderers. You can also use the RealFlow nodes and daemons to control the behavior and appearance of the fluids, such as gravity, viscosity, friction, surface tension, filters, and more.

Download File:

RealFlow C4D Mac R17-R20 supports GPU acceleration for faster and smoother simulations. You can also take advantage of the multi-core CPUs and network rendering to speed up the calculation and rendering process. You can export and import fluid data between Cinema 4D and RealFlow using the Alembic and SD file formats, or use the Connect plugin to link the two applications in real time.

RealFlow C4D Mac R17-R20 is a powerful plugin for fluid simulation that can help you create amazing effects and animations for your Cinema 4D projects. Whether you want to create water splashes, rain drops, ocean waves, blood spatters, lava flows, or any other type of fluid, you can do it easily and realistically with RealFlow C4D Mac R17-R20.

If you want to learn more about RealFlow C4D Mac R17-R20, you can watch this video that shows how to install and use the plugin in Cinema 4D.


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