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ARK: Survival Evolved APK - Free Adventure Game on An1

ARK: Survival Evolved APK - A Dino-Adventure on Your Mobile Device

Do you love dinosaurs and survival games? If so, you might want to check out ARK: Survival Evolved APK, a mobile version of the popular PC and console game that lets you explore, tame, and fight with over 80 different prehistoric creatures. In this article, we will tell you what ARK: Survival Evolved is, how to download and install it on your Android device, how to play it, and what are the benefits of playing it on your mobile device.

ark survival evolved apk an1

What is ARK: Survival Evolved?

ARK: Survival Evolved is a game that challenges you to survive and thrive on a mysterious island, where you start out alone and unarmed. You will have to gather resources, craft tools and weapons, build shelters and bases, and tame and breed dinosaurs and other primal creatures. You can also team up with other players online or play solo in offline mode. The game features a massive open world with stunning graphics, dynamic weather, day-night cycle, and realistic physics. You can also customize your character, level up your skills, and unlock new engrams (blueprints) as you progress.

How to Download and Install ARK: Survival Evolved APK?

There are different ways to download and install ARK: Survival Evolved APK on your Android device. Here are some of them:

Google Play Store

This is the easiest and safest way to get the game. You just need to go to the Google Play Store, search for ARK: Survival Evolved, and tap on the Install button. The game will automatically download and install on your device. However, you will need a Google account to access the Play Store, and you might not be able to download the game if it is not available in your region or if your device does not meet the minimum requirements.


This is an alternative way to get the game if you cannot access the Play Store or if you want to download an older version of the game. You can go to the APKCombo website, search for ARK: Survival Evolved, and choose the version you want to download. You will get an APK file that you can transfer to your device via USB or cloud storage. Then, you will need to enable Unknown Sources in your device settings, locate the APK file in your file manager, and tap on it to install it. However, you will need to be careful about downloading from third-party sources, as they might contain malware or viruses.


This is another alternative way to get the game if you want to avoid using Google services or if you want to access more features and mods. You can go to the Aptoide website, download and install the Aptoide app on your device, search for ARK: Survival Evolved in the app, and tap on the Install button. The game will download and install on your device through the Aptoide app. However, you will need to trust Aptoide as a source of apps, as it might not be as secure or reliable as the Play Store.

How to Play ARK: Survival Evolved APK?

Once you have downloaded and installed ARK: Survival Evolved APK on your device, you can start playing it by tapping on the game icon. You will see a menu where you can choose the mode, the map, the server, and the settings of the game. Here are some of the modes you can play:

Survival Mode

This is the main mode of the game, where you have to survive on the island as long as you can. You will have to create a character, choose a spawn point, and start exploring the world. You will have to deal with hunger, thirst, temperature, health, stamina, and oxygen levels, as well as hostile creatures and other players. You will have to gather resources, craft items, build structures, and tame dinosaurs. You can also level up your character and your tamed creatures, and unlock new engrams. You can play this mode in single-player or online with other players.

Creative Mode

This is a mode where you can unleash your creativity and build anything you want without any limitations. You will have access to all the resources, items, structures, and creatures in the game, and you can place them anywhere you want. You will also have god mode, which means you will not have to worry about any survival aspects or threats. You can play this mode in single-player or online with other players.

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Multiplayer Mode

This is a mode where you can join or host a server and play with other players online. You can choose from different types of servers, such as PvE (player versus environment), PvP (player versus player), or RP (role-playing). You can also customize the server settings, such as difficulty, rates, mods, and rules. You can play this mode in survival or creative mode.

What are the Benefits of Playing ARK: Survival Evolved APK?

Playing ARK: Survival Evolved APK on your mobile device has many benefits. Here are some of them:

Portability and Convenience

You can play the game anytime and anywhere you want, as long as you have your device with you. You do not need a PC or a console to enjoy the game. You can also play offline if you do not have an internet connection or if you want to avoid lag or hackers.

Compatibility and Performance

The game is optimized for mobile devices, which means it runs smoothly and does not consume too much battery or storage space. The game also supports various devices, such as phones and tablets, and different screen sizes and resolutions. The game also has adjustable graphics settings, so you can choose the best option for your device.

Free and Fun

The game is free to download and play on your mobile device. You do not have to pay anything to enjoy the game. The game also offers a lot of fun and entertainment, as you can explore a vast world full of dinosaurs and other creatures, craft and build amazing things, and interact with other players online.


ARK: Survival Evolved APK is a great game for dinosaur lovers and survival enthusiasts. It is a mobile version of the popular PC and console game that lets you experience a dino-adventure on your mobile device. You can download and install the game from different sources, such as Google Play Store, APKCombo, or Aptoide. You can play the game in different modes, such as survival mode, creative mode, or multiplayer mode. You can also enjoy the benefits of playing the game on your mobile device, such as portability, compatibility, performance, free cost, and fun factor.

If you are looking for a game that combines dinosaurs, survival, crafting, building, and multiplayer features, then ARK: Survival Evolved APK is the game for you. Download it now and start your dino-adventure today!


  • Q: Is ARK: Survival Evolved APK safe to download?

  • A: Yes, it is safe to download if you get it from trusted sources like Google Play Store or APKCombo. However, be careful about downloading from third-party sources like Aptoide or unknown websites.

  • Q: How much space does ARK: Survival Evolved APK take on my device?

  • A: The game takes about 2 GB of space on your device after installation.

  • Q: Can I play ARK: Survival Evolved APK with my friends?

  • A: Yes, you can play with your friends online by joining or hosting a server in multiplayer mode.

  • Q: Can I use mods in ARK: Survival Evolved APK?

  • A: Yes, you can use mods in ARK: Survival Evolved APK if you download the game from Aptoide or other sources that support modded apps. However, be aware that mods might affect the game performance, stability, or compatibility.

  • Q: What are the best dinosaurs to tame in ARK: Survival Evolved APK?

  • A: There are many dinosaurs to tame in ARK: Survival Evolved APK, and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some of the best ones are the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Triceratops, the Pteranodon, the Velociraptor, and the Brontosaurus.


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